Collection: Raub Highland MSW (猫山王)

Thank you for all those who have bought from us. We have successfully raised the required funds for a social cause and will take a break. We will update once we are ready to resume. Once again, thank you so much for the kind support. 


No-Frills, Best-priced Durians!

- By this, we don't mean sacrificing quality of the durian. 

- We are importing Raub Highland Maoshanwang (MSW), Green Husk/Brown Husk depend on your selection, Price is different. 

- We may also offer special arrangement of other durian cultivate from time to time. 

- We send our Malaysia office team down to inspect our partner facilities from time to time. We just did our recent visit to their durian collection and sorting facility on 19 Jun. 


How do we keep the price low? 

  • We import directly from Pahang, Malaysia directly by truck load, break bulk and sell the durians directly to you with the husk on. 
  • We do not provide opening service, packing into tupperware, vacumn seal etc. Those are premiums you get at durians stall. 
  • They are essentially all MSW. Durians are graded by their size/shape into Grade A/B. Grade B is because of their smaller size and odd shape, resulting in lower flesh-husk ratio. Hence, also cheaper in price. 
  • Some say grade B is lousier, not true. There are also bitter ones and good quality one. 
  • We don't differentiate our durians by maosanwang (猫山王), or black gold (黑金). Basically what many seller term Johor as MSW, and Raub as Black Gold. If using their term, our durians are black gold. 
  • Do not compare this to the lower priced MSW from Johor. 
  • We import the whole batch of MSW, there is a mix of sweet, bittersweet, bitter in the batch. You will probably get a mix of the above or so depending on your luck. 
  • We do not, and are not able to identify them and price-differentiate them like the professional durian sellers. 
  • This is how we keep our cost low. No frills.
  • We will provide plastic bags for the collection of the whole durians.


Replacement policy

  1. For MSW, there is always a small possibility of burnt seed. Usually it affect a small % of the durian. If it is serious, please take a photo and we will review and make a refund decision with you. 
  2. If the durian is unripe or spoilt e.g. with worm etc, please take a photo and we will review and make a refund decision with you. 

*Please understand that i will need the pictures so we can secure replacement from our supplier in Raub, Pahang. We do not have the high margin similiar to durian stalls to cover everything on our end. S

*All photos have to come in on the day of purchase or latest by the next day 12noon. We do not recommend having the durians sit for over 2 nights. In addition, it is not fair to claim the farm as they do not have control of our storage condition. 

*The chances of above is inevitable, given the bulk amount we bring in. In case it happen, please be patient with us and we'll sort it out for you.  


Collection point: 

  • Location 1: Upper Bukit Timah
    • 921 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678202

    *We do not provide delivery at this point. You may arrange for grab delivery to collect from us if required. 


    How it works?

    1. Choose the date you want to collect the durians 
      • TBC
        • Location 2: 
    • TBC




      1. Decide on the Durian and grade type you require. 
          1. We only have Raub Highland MSW 
          2. Green Husk/ Brown Husk
          3. Other durians subject to ad hoc orders
        1. Select the quantity (kg). The minimum order quantity is 10kg.
        2. Make the payment via PayNow 
          1. Reference your mobile number and
          2. Promotion number (if any e.g. P1A, P2A - see below)
        3. Please screenshot payment via whatsapp + Name on paynow + Promo FOC package
        4. We will invite you to our whatsapp group for communication. 

          At Collection, 

          1. Collect your durian on your selected day and provided location.
          2. Durians with husk comes in different weight. So it is inevitable that the durians collected on the day may be more or less in weight. 
          3. We will weight the durian at collection, and will finalise if any top up/refund is required. 
          • For example, if you pay for 10kg and the durian weight 9.5kg, we will refund on the spot the 0.5kg x durian price/kg. 
          • Similarily, if you pay for 10kg and the durian weight 11kg, please top up on the spot for the 1kg x durian price/kg. 



          *Promotion for wk of 29 Jun 2020


          Promotion 1: Buy 10kg durians FREE COMBO 

          • P1A: 2 packet of Ice Cool Pure Coconut Water (1litre)


          Promotion 2: Buy 20kg durians FREE COMBO 

          • P2A: 1 carton of Ice Cool Herbal Tea (24x300ml)

          *For order of 30kg, you can choose (3 x 10kg) FOC items, or (1x20kg + 1x10kg) FOC items (so on and so forth)



          *This post is in support of the seller, who is an employee of our company. 

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