OEM Division (Can Drinks, Breadspread)

For interest in OEM of following products, please feel free to contact us at below information. 


RTD Beverage

Can type:

  • 240/250ml slim can
  • 250ml stubby can
  • 300/325ml regular/sleek can


Drinks type:

  • Carbonated drinks
    • Cola, Orange, Soda Water, China apple, Peach cola, Coffee cola etc
  • Non-carbonated
    • Soya Bean, Grass Jelly, Chrysanthemum Tea, Energy drinks, Coffee, etc...


*We can formulate existing or new formula

*We can cater to your company's existing formulation as well

*All OEM project information are protected and non-disclosure


Our contact information: 

Email: charleschua@icecool.com.sg