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Ice Cool Young Coconut Juice wt Pulp

Ice Cool Young Coconut Juice wt Pulp

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Packing : 24x500ml/carton

Country of Origin : Thailand


One of the most crisp and refreshing formulation of young coconut juice, garnished with pieces of young coconut pulp. Perfect!

Ice Cool Young Coconut Juice series is one of the most acclaimed formulation for its light, crisp and refreshing formulation. Garnished with young coconut pulp to add onto a perfect formulation of coconut juice, or in some places, they call it coconut water.

This product also contains the natural isotonic properties, which helps to hydrates your body and replenishes the minerals lost. A good choice to consume one everyday.

We are the market leader or key players in many countries and are evident in supermarkets such as Carrefour, Walmart, Lulu, Lal, Hyperpanda, NTUC, Cold Storage, Giant and much more.

The Young Coconut Juice with Pulp (White can base) is our first product being launched in the market. Has been a top seller for many years. Comes in 2 different packing size - 310ml and 500ml. A top seller and a leader product in many countries it is being sold in.

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